Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tibetan Book of the Dead

Telepathic tours of the between transmitted to loved ones..
ancient words saturate my own experience as a result..
altering perceptions and forms of engagement.
lessons flow when you become that which you seek

Off to France (Paris and Porquerolles) for a few weeks with my dear grandmothers remains
Closing her circle
Looking forward to change of scenery and studying some brothers and sisters at The Louvre

Been consuming tons of music lately, and going out night after night dancing here in NYC

For those in San Francisco in the next few week I have some work in a group show at the Rena Bransten Gallery called ON THE ROAD AGAIN: BEAT CULTURE, BUSH ERA opening October 19th, 77 Geary St., showing some sacred geometry freakouts.
For those in Los Angeles in the next few weeks I have some work in a group show at the BLK/MRKT GALLERY- 6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA in honor of Fecalface.com's anniversary. Show opens October 26th, I'll be showing some raw delicacies from early summer painted on paper I made in the Pacific ocean.

And a good friend of mine Tara Foley is having a solo show at Triple Base (the gallery I started with Clint, that now my friends Dina and Joyce run) on October 19th. 3041 24th street, SF, CA. wish I could be there for that one (shit, and I'll also be missing my friend Diego's first concert on Oct 12th with his new band Crash Diet Crew at MonkeyTown, somewhere in Bklyn)