Saturday, August 16, 2008


Golden skeleton keys spin above head like
halo at 33rpm

back porch fresh crispfoggy colored air

to be back in the Mission

in the bosom of my West coast family of friends

so grateful for the generosity

art gifts for them

a cleansing...

a releasing...

from the roots, from the past

from the underground..the dank heavy air..thick with soft warm dust

I re connected with the eyes of a giant baby bird made by crust and dirt

and I connected with pondscum, lovely and playful as ever...

and dust...who my heart feels good around

all these spirits I know,


good people. kind people. open people. creative people. blooming people. moving people.

The last two years in NYC sealed...stamped in the hot impression, a castle of sunlight, a heart beat that ends the song

a bird flying from the window, keys in its claws....

Taking off...... sweetgoodbyes

2nd to last jump shot in the Halsman studio