Sunday, October 15, 2006

Air India to Paris

Paris is halfway to India, so in a sense I am half way to where I was planning to be. And judging by the friendliness of the Indian passengers (sat next to the owner of an Indian amusement park who invited me to be his guest) that still seems like the trip to make. At times I've felt trapped in a Seinfeld episode just getting here (mom's airport wheelchair scam to save time in line ended up taking more time than it would have to have just walked, the box holding my grandmother's remains got stuck in the x-ray machine, etc.) . Well, all the stress is forgotten after forfeiting a night of sleep to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. Vastness beheld.
Drive into Paris, loving the architecture and changing leaves falling down the grand boulevards and teeny streets. We are staying with relatives in the first arondesment, which is the heart of the original city. Grand rusty white stone buildings, cobbled streets, fashion conscious public, moped exhaust, and out door cafes remind me why I love Europe so much. Understanding about 70% of the French I hear, and being able to communicate my thoughts about 30% of the time, I feel 100% moi. Vegetarianism hasn't seem to have caught on here,yet goth clothes are making a major come back. I am enjoying walking the streets the most, and soaking in the thousand block long wedding cake palaces, daydreaming about a french girlfriend, and pumped to go to the Louvre tomorrow and do some studies. I have lots of photos, but probably cant upload them till I return to the states. C'est la vie!