Friday, November 03, 2006

France trip synopsis -part one

Now back on familiar and chilly Manhattan island..
Jet lag fading off like details of this trip..

so before its all gone...

I tore a hole in my shoes I walked the streets so much!
Usually I would set out in the morning with a bag full of art supplies and a book or two, in search for the perfect cafe to chill at. Every morning I started with a croissant from a different patisserie, and begin my Parisian meandering. I like cities and am blessed with a very accurate sense of direction, which means I rarely need a map, and take pleasure in figuring my way around, and all the chance discoveries that go with trusting your senses. Infact, this whole trip my mother and I embarked on had only two known factors: flying in and out of Paris, and at some point making our way down to Porquerolle, a little island in the south where we were bringing my grandmother's urn. Other than that it was destiny as your tourguide, and in retrospect it worked out perfectly. Not to say that the trip didn'tt have its stressfull moments, rather, wonderful things happened that wecouldn't have planned for while in America. So for the first week my mom and I went on our own Parisian adventures involving meeting old family friends,hitting some museums, and relaxing at wine bars. I met a cool younger arty couple who ended up giving us our itineraryy for the second half of the trip (a hitlist of cities to see while driving around the south coast.), which I will post about in a few days...until then here are some pix:

Sunrise over the Atlantic is aweiffic

graffitii is more living poetry than it is art

These next two are the view from my bedroom window one night, staying up late preparing paper to draw onwhilel at the Louve (I'll post some art from the trip eventually)

The night clubs in Paris have a je ne sais qua about them

Hip hop is really popular in France right now

...more hip hop style

By now you should know I love flea markets

culture museum