Saturday, March 28, 2009

India*? hunh???????...uh..... BLACK RASPBERRY!

life in India unfolding its beauty, captured on memory and memory cards...wish i could upload my brain and spirit to share with u all what has been passing through my experience....someday soon i hope to find a fast interned connection and free time to post some pix from the insane beauty i've been exposed to.... in brief I spent a month traveling with my friend P, from ocean to mountains and back down again...a time full of lessons and creativity and playing in the healing arabian sea, now i am with my friend Kori, a brother cut from the same cloth...artistically collaborating our way to Madhubani Bihar to work with some village artists there...a long held dream about to fully manifest after 40 hrs of travel starting tomorrow at 6:00 am...In the past few days I have been blown away and humbled by the ellora caves and the ajanta caves...will go into detail and share images later...but my two new favorite spaces in the world are Ellora cave 15 and Ajanta cave 19...truly magnificant creation/revelations...
love to you all,