Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My life in NYC is that of a worker bee. Scarcely a free moment for my self. When not working on the archival stuff, I'm working on moving 60 years of contents out of my ancestral home, when I'm not working on either of those two things, I'm working on my book project which is moving along nicely...sleeping and eating occupy what time in the day remains. Still so much to do between now and the end of June! Ive been reading Dali's diary of a genius over miso soup at lunch. Today I listened to a short Dali speech I found in our collection of vinyl. Atomic Mysticism was his prediction for the next major art epoc. Strangely enough I think my Sphereism manifesto from 2004 would fall under that category. Although I miss painting out of habit, I feel this book I'm working on is like my spherism manifesto version 2.0, illustrated with my grandfather's photographs. Its a special project and I cherrish the opportunity to leave it behind.

When you fall asleep, you are in a damp moon lit field. Waiting. In the distance you hear several horses galloping towards you. Each will take you off to a different dream. If you jump and miss, no dreams for that nite.