Friday, January 05, 2007



As if I could control the universe.....
I cant change people
I am not a planet
I am this expression right now
realization and calm emerge after the frustration
my whole life
it seems
has been spent
trying to right others wrongs
..As if I could control the universe

The moon and the son
the darkness pushes the light
pushing the darkness pushing the light
who would I be with out you?
endless tag
why stop this game?
why break this cycle?
does thinking about it tire me more than just being in it?
Mind! Are you just a flopping fish out of water?
will I strangle you accidentally whilst trying to make you still?

These games must be fun we play so much
social sandbox
didn't mean to make you cry when I took your bucket...
its just that someone once took mine......

Professor mc brain know it all,
I humbly report to duty.
Doctor Intelligence,
wise beyond your ears....
General mental sir!
where do I fire?
where do I burn?

the door knocks,
as I answer I already know who it will be behind
I invited you
that's why you are here
I wanted to see you
but what made me choose you to see?
I wonder as you stand inside me .....

The page turned like a sudden wind come blown right away the cobwebs of the year just gone
just four days into life again
fucking the spiders out of each other
a new dawn shines through these windows again
ready for the first dust particle to stick and
up again

unapollogies for having a kind heart that leads me into mistaken battles
my footing seemed so sure, but your path was so wrong
forgive me
not only did I not see your no trespassing sign,
but I also stepped into shit

Does the victim only feel strong when having something to fight against?
In what new ways can we feel strong?
Is this scenario infinite?
have my bags been packed and I'm just stuck in the spin cycle like a Saturn ring?
Dali lama whispers tame the lion...
Friction of existential graffiti on the tabula rassa like flatulence
keeps me up at night

The time has not come
it never was not here.
all those times of past and fore...
wait like seeds, caught in my life tornado, invisiblanketing me, ripening, and rotting
like the motion of the ocean
my time egg...
lets keep the sunny side up!

Theres a good reason why
It makes sense to me
I just cant tell you
I dont want to hurt your feelings
do we attract what we repell?
what is this cruel magnetisim?
I'll be hanging out at the supposed flower on the top of my head, try not to bug me.

the tattered flag stands his ground in the wind.
the plastic bag is blown cross country,
winds up in the ocean,
and gets caught in some seaweed.

braile map o braile map
I'm feeling around,
tring to remember where
you could last be found.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good bye 06

Dear 2006,

I'd be lying if I said I hate to see you go. You kissed my ass when I was in San Francisco, and kicked it when I got to New York. I made new friends and lost dear old ones. I rode on the fulfilled/desperate see-saw, and took more steps towards understanding myself more deeply, and observing unhealthy self created patterns which I'm gently letting go of. I learned a lot this year through the trials and tribulations, like that Kali image of divine liberation torture. I am starting off 2007 by turning all that pain and growth and knowledge into an art experience, which makes me feel like I can move on, and up and beyond what has come to me these past 12 months. I welcome 2007 with open arms and mind because I have learned that no amount of planning for the future can prepare you for the unexpected, and if I try and control the unexpected, well then I'm just taking all the beauty and mystery out of my life, and that my friends is not a life I want to live. So, here's to living where complexity and simplicity balance each other. James Brown and Saddam Hussein usher us to a new dawn.