Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good bye 06

Dear 2006,

I'd be lying if I said I hate to see you go. You kissed my ass when I was in San Francisco, and kicked it when I got to New York. I made new friends and lost dear old ones. I rode on the fulfilled/desperate see-saw, and took more steps towards understanding myself more deeply, and observing unhealthy self created patterns which I'm gently letting go of. I learned a lot this year through the trials and tribulations, like that Kali image of divine liberation torture. I am starting off 2007 by turning all that pain and growth and knowledge into an art experience, which makes me feel like I can move on, and up and beyond what has come to me these past 12 months. I welcome 2007 with open arms and mind because I have learned that no amount of planning for the future can prepare you for the unexpected, and if I try and control the unexpected, well then I'm just taking all the beauty and mystery out of my life, and that my friends is not a life I want to live. So, here's to living where complexity and simplicity balance each other. James Brown and Saddam Hussein usher us to a new dawn.

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