Monday, August 28, 2006

Appleseed (Johnny and Shirow Masamune)

Times have never been as stressful, yet there is a refreshing feeling I have about now. I am burning old constraints and feeling the space around me. My art is the shadow of my life, and watching my self this past month begin to incorporate things I've previously hated, into things of inspiration is a joy to behold. To let go of judgment, and negativity, and friction caused by separation. To inject humor as the reflection of love into dark spaces. At the end of my life, my art will be able to be completely viewed for what it is: a progression of mental states illustrating my desire to more deeply know my own nature. So many quirky pieces, buried in bodies of change. I can see myself on paper growing and incorporating and injecting and synthesizing, and expanding, and questions, and making mistakes, and being free, and trying to be smart, and being too mental, and being too loose, and re-hashing the same idea, and working in cycles, and following my intuition, and being regimented, and being experimental, and being here, and being there, and trying to be nowhere and everywhere. I saw a bumper sticker on a gallery window recently that said "Art is doing its job when it reveals mystical truths." I'm still hung up on this Grigory Perelman who solved Poincare's conjecture. I wanna hang out with him even tho I don't speak Russian. I had a friend in town who was supposed to pose for a portrait, but there wasn't enough time, so I think I'm gonna do one of Grigory instead. When I was a kid I would send baseball cards to my favorite players trying to get their autograph, maybe I should send the portrait to Grigory? So yeah, I'm just ape about the Poincare Conjecture and how it ties in with my Sphereism manifesto. I don't think people will fully understand and be able to incorporate the significance of this view into their reality for years. The world is round, not flat. We understand that now, that we live on a sphere, but now its time to realize we are spheres too. That's what my art is about these days, no more lofty cultured symbols for the elite, I'm going for the bulls-eye, Rice Crispies and The National Enquirer are my new vessels.

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