Friday, August 18, 2006

"Lets go crazy pants.."

A draw walk was taken by me late last night, finding many art materials in the NYC trash as usual, and creating and leaving art as I went. At one point I was trailing a couple, and drawing a moving street scene, walking slowly, and some guy behind me says "Lets go, crazy pants." because I guess even at 11pm people are still in a rush, and white checked pants are just too much for upper west siders. It made me laugh thou. People are in such a hurry to get into their casket....

I made my way to the Hudson river, sat and meditated for a bit, happy to be near a moving body of water, and having space to decompress from all the stress that has been my life for the past 4 weeks. I wanted to go to India to have a deeper spiritual experience, but NYC is really teaching me a lot...

On the way home I found some National Geographics from the 70s, and worked on collages till 3am. I used to love to make collages as a kid, but as an "adult" in the art world I noticed collages were becoming trendy a couple of years ago. I usually try to avoid trends, but I'm ready to shed some self created art world dogma. Ultimately it matters not who's doing what when. As long as a connection to spirit can shine through, all art actions are worthy, trend or not. I am spending the summer living in the same apartment building that was the center of the NY Dada scene (Duchamp lived here), and the collages at the MoMA exhibit planted a seed that wants to grow here. I'm doing a lot of strange art this summer. Fun work, some bad some good. I'll eventually post some when I'm ready. Just exploring shapes and colors and moods and thoughts and philosophies and questions and attempts at explanations.

I like to imagine all flys as time travel machines from the future (I'm developing a screen play based on that idea). Any time one lands on me I pretend it is someone, some fly on the wall, here to observe the moment. If I could travel back in time thru fly host technology I'd love to go to early Egypt and chill on some camel dung and take in that culture for a bit.

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