Monday, August 07, 2006

My grandmother had a stroke over 2 weeks ago, and I've basically been working around the clock with my mom to see that she has been comfortable since, only leaving her apartment like 4 times. Its been physically draining, and emotionally empowering. I've got a good start on a beard, and bags developing under my eyes. The highs include 3 a.m. requests for "sweets" after 2 catatonic days, and watching her see her great grand daughter for the first time. I'm using the Tibetan Book of the Dead to help guide her when she chooses to enter the next between. I am also seeing the cycles of life so much more clearly now, from watching people on the street age before my eyes, to my own reflection in a mirror. Life is eternal, but this youthful body stays healthy for only so long, so I am trying to really be present with my health and follow my path as it steepens and I have the energy to continue. I am so grateful to my grandmere for this final lesson.

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