Saturday, September 16, 2006


Last night I went to an opening at the Montclair Art Museum where there was an opening for three shows. One of the shows was a group of portraits of American artists taken by my grandfather, and organized by my mom and the museum staff (see above). [There's also a little article on him in this month's Smithsonian magazine. Go Philippe!] Its a cool little museum. They have a great collection of George Inness landscapes. So good. Gods it makes me wish I were more of an oil painter. Also lots of Native American artifacts. I can remember looking at a pair of baby moccasins there as a child and feeling like I was a Native American in a past manifestation. My grandmother, whom I am still caring for every day, is so strong despite being so close to the end. I really am humbled by the power of this body vehicle we are in and its strength. Reminded me of the beauty of our internal systems so wondrously displayed in the "Body Worlds" exhibit I saw in Chicago last year.

Seeing how I am staying in NYC for much longer than expected, I am going to begin working on a project I've always wanted to do: getting a book published of all of my grandfather's experimental, eclectic, and beautiful photos that don't really fit in so much with the straight celebrity portrait work he is most known for. I've grown up in the archives, so I've seen the buried gems, and I want to dig them out and share them with a new audience.

Today I took a break, went to central park, followed my intuition and was rewarded by finding a healing circle to be a part of. It was so healing just to find a group of people who wanted to empower each other and share some universal love and wisdom. The main message I took from the group was the power of intention of thought in regards to shaping our reality, as well as trusting our highest form of knowledge. People need help, and I hope we all can realize our strength and start by healing ourselves. Or rather, may I be a vehicle to help awaken that seed of conscious, and void with in us all where creation emerges. May each breath I take remind me of the power I have to embody and share that love, and may I be replenished and continue to share.

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