Thursday, December 07, 2006


Woah, I've been feeling the full moon's weighty light recently. Messing some things up, making room to breathe with out stress. So many people I know have had a hell of a year. Will 07 be better? I need to elect a new governor for my state of mind. I was joking with a friend today that mental institutions are the new graduate programs. In the sense that, although you are deep in debt when you graduate from an art program like lets say Yale, your foot is way in the door. I wonder which mental institution has the best art department? Maybe its in France where VanGogh spent some time, or Germany where Adolph Wolfli resided. I think I'm more interested in doing the equivalent of rain forest medicinal knowledge preservation in the field of art. As I've been researching my inevitable trip to India I've come across dying traditions which I'd like to spend some time getting to know and collaborating with the practitioners of. So much has been lost. Like the art of mummification for instance. Who does that anymore? I went to an art auction this morning and saw a mummy and sarcophagus go for a million dollars. Crazy. Who collects mummies? Orphans?

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