Saturday, May 05, 2007

...not fade away

I'm glad I've been to Tokyo before, because if I hadn't all the cultural stimulation here would have erased my fresh memories of Riga, Latvia. My insane day of travel is over, and I have arrived in Tokyo. My friends Clint and Julia took me to a Sento (public bath) where I jumped from hot pool to cold pool and rejuvenated my senses, and then we ate at this amazing little cocktail food spot that is on a little street corner with an outdoor eating area composed of grass and bamboo huts...In NYC its nice to sit out on the concrete in the summer, but this is a whole next level to sidewalk dining. Anyway, I want to post a bunch of Riga shots before It's too late. Tokyo juices pumping, these art projects are gonna be fun....

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  1. thanks for updating the beard progress. miss you. say hello to clint.