Friday, November 02, 2007

Vibe night

Release all that energy people...but we'll let you do it only one night a year (officially)...oh trapped take that one night, and I’ll take all the rest...Its fun to play no matter what, and you can definitely act strange and not arouse too many suspicions on this night...I found the NYC population so self restrained...using different strategies to crack a smile..collect them as we slid through all the weird vibes in the many zombies in business attire...full time costume...what happened to the innocent, curious, creative kid inside all of them? What is it about this culture that kills people’s spirit? My dear Jwala gave me a Krishnamurti book to me before she flew home to Brazil. So grateful for that cherry on top of 6 weeks of fun. Ahhhhhhhh.... I hope you dear reader have something meaningful in your life that gives you free from all this bullshit you leave here with your body...

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