Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Heavenly Day

Something snapped for me during lunch hour today. Usually I run out, in a rush to some restaurant with a book or a sketch pad, but today I slowed down, and enjoyed being in the sun, and indecisive, and wandering w/ in my 3 block radius instead. I wound up in front of this little church on 68th street with some fenced in grass. I positioned my self in a rectangle of light, reaching this part of earth through a gap of 2 tall buildings. I lost track of time, and eventually moved across the street to have the rays on my face. My mind was filled with inspiration and revelations. I wandered some more, ran into Elliot Erwitt, picked up the new issue of STAR magazine (I am doing an on going series of drawings based on covers of trashy celebrity newsrags). Came back to work, and renamed my self "Oplease" (at least to my mom, who's new name is "Love." -she chose it. No surprise we are getting along much more civilly). As we clean out the apt, we come across things destined for trash, which could also be used in some creative gesture. Mom is an art teacher, so both of us often want to hold on and transform something, even just for a moment to honor its life. The following are some pictures we took today with some bits of giant old chinese paper lantern wire skeleton, and other things just lying around. The element of play in art, is like "no mind" in Zen. Thoughts can be either elevators or obstacles. Sometimes its nice just to let things talk for themselves...

I found a giant frame with paper stretched on it. One of these nights I will do a big brush pen drawing on it, post a picture of it here, and offer it free to the first person who wants to come pick it up...


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