Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Dark Fair

Wow. The Dark Fair experience was one of the best "art" experiences I've ever had. I was at the Jack Hanley booth, hanging out with some Bjorn Copeland sculptures, giving free tarot readings (my own deck mind you, which isnt real Tarot, but operates using similar principles), and sharing such intimate space with strangers was definitely heart expanding. I was pretty exhausted at the end of each day (10 hours on friday, and 9 hours on saturday), probably giving about 50? readings... Such wonderful friends came by too, so it was all gratitude, and everyone I spoke to had an excellent time at this little alternative fair, that apparently had lines around the block to get in. When I first got there I ran into my buddy Walter Benjamin Smith, who came to the rescue later when my table collapsed during an intense reading. My friends Vinny and Ajit were both visiting from the bay area and graced me with their company too. My mom rolled through, and my Co-worker Jason, and Julien and Jordan, and Dave and Hanna, and gosh, there were so many good folks there in the darkness. I also got to meet some really interesting new people in the process. The exploration of chance, under umbrella of art was the most fascinating part of the process. I'd say 9 out of 10 times people would be really connected with the cards they pulled. I am still learning how to interpret them with more clarity, but it would always be a mixture of joy and relief when I would be done and people would say how "right on" the cards were. My process is just to interpret the images as objectivly as possible, letting the participant link them up to their subjective intimate details. Maybe the most touching part for me was when a girl from friday came back on saturday to tell me how the reading had brought her a deep self realization. Its all very freaky and natural for me. I don't claim any sort of abilities, I just try to be as honest and positive as possible, acting as a sort of conduit, telling people what the cards represent that their subconscious/chance based/spirit self wanted them to learn or meditate on. Anyway, here are some pix from the fair, including a few readings from saturday....

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