Thursday, May 22, 2008

70 days left

In a little over 2 months my mission will be complete. The abstract date has now been fixed in stone. The apartment has been sold, and I will no longer have a home here in New York City. I feel great about what I've been able to accomplish in the time I spent here. I left San Francisco 2 years ago to go to India for what I had hoped would be a deep spiritual growth experience. Now I realize that my extended layover in NY has been India, so I will be shaving my beard as the last thing I do in this apartment before I close its door for the last time and cross the thresh-hold into the next chapter. 2 years in this womb. I already feel the rebirth growing inside of me, shedding old patterns, cleansing, simplifying, connecting with my ancestors in a more internal space. I've been participating in ceremonies with a Peruvian shaman lately...unexplainable bliss...all I can do is honor the 3,000 year old songs through next book...feeling connected with my peace...full of to you, who/where ever you are right now.

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