Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another summer inside....

Last year grandma gave me a new key in exchange for a summer,
This year it looks like I'll be trading a summer to receive grandpa's key.
My book is a go (Fall 08),
so now I go,
every nite,
on an image quest...through the archives...looking through my grandfathers eyes backwards into time..

My new camera got fixed, so, new pix for friends.....through my eyes


  1. love the dali photo.
    miss you and your paper masks.
    have any of those, can you make one of those.
    maybe for our trade.
    yes, i would love a paper mask.
    a special one for sf memories and park life.
    walks through the mission.
    on a mission.
    trip out.

  2. hey whats up

    did U check my e-mail???
    the my MIXI's link on mail
    u know???

    check check

  3. if u can't C my page
    I'll sent a mail the passward
    so please contact me