Monday, July 09, 2007


I truly felt like Waldo from "Where's Waldo" fame during the first week of July on the island on Nantucket. I was the only beard on an island of prepsters. Yikes! There were the uncomfortable stares, the mention of "terrorist" under the breath, and the shouts of "Osama! Remember 9/11!" from the speeding jeeps. Oh well, the long bike rides thru nature, and time on the beach ballanced out the prejudice (beardudice?). I also had time away from my book project to work on some paintings and read Man Ray's autobiography. I turned a year older while out there in the Atlantic, and returned to The City refteshed and tan, feeling more comfortable in my skin when its that olive shade. Theres so much going on this summer its preety incredible. The night before I left I got to play on stage with Gang Gang Dance, and caught an amazing Dan Deacon performance at McCarren Pool the day I got back. Unfortunately I missed the 7/7/07 BOA drum spiral my friend Hisham organized with the Boredoms...I guess you can't do it all...
back to the grind....


  1. you are one beardy man. Where in the world are you?

  2. this was Alda by the way. Alda that misses you.