Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Live from Paris

I've been getting some Sphereism drawings ready for an art fair out in Portland, and I fell in love again with the style I was doing in that series, so I decied to bust out a new one to send with the rest. Basicly all my past Speherism paintings have been very esoteric, and perhaps above the heads of the audiance I am trying to reach with my visual instructions on how to concieve of the structure of universal energy. Anyway, from high-brow to low-brow is now where I am. Last summer I was re-mixing the Poincaire conjecture with Snap,Crackle, and Pop, and National Enquirer's spread on the Joan Benet Ramsey murder suspect. This summer I'm all about Paris. Maybe because I've realized something about culture, but instead on my ideological enemy, she can be my trojan muse. Anyway, its a work in progress. When I worked out of Triple Base in SF I would leave the door open at night when I was making art, open to chance conversations, and basicly sharing the art making process with the public, who more often than not were drunk people on the way to get a brain taco from my next door neighbor (Taqueria Vallarta) at 2 a.m. . I felt the same urge tonight, but I don't have a street level storefront anymore, so I went onto this new website that is like a live video chatroom (, and just had the camera on my hand and pencil and paper. Lots of other folks in video cam land stoped by and watched my draw live. It was fun knowing there were sometimes up to 7 strangers all over the world watching this piece take shape...

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