Friday, February 29, 2008

number crunching

I am looking for Leslie Davis. A photographer from the 1950/60s who took a portrait of my grandfather. I want to use is as the cover of my book, and would like to contact the photographer. This has been a very difficult task. Web searches lead to contemporary photographers with that name, but not the right ones. The president of ASMP looked in his files for me and couldn't come up with anything. The librarian of ICP couldn't find any info either. I did a people search and have 428 different phone listings, and have had some pretty random conversations, but so far no luck yet.

My cousin was in town, researching some amazing old stories in our files..Lives that set off echoes...still being felt today..looking for the origin of that big bang...

Book stuff is going well..lots of work least I have this weekend to celebrate my friend Ajit at his art opening and then a collage nite on monday before the sh*t hits the fan for me again...

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