Wednesday, March 05, 2008

tears and beers

my palace,
my prison.
2 sides of the same coin
the expiration date looms
the stress levels rise
its no surprise.
On open relationship
its no surprise.
The fantastic story we weave
unravels from the start,
revealing us naked in part.
Its no surprise.
The heart remembers the absence,
the impression not left on the cushion.
The port no longer available for docking,
the eclipsed moon that will forever remain dark,
absorbed back into the nothingness from where it came.
The hole plugged.
The light stopped.
The memory fades.
remains only as a distant star.
burnt out already.
its dark all around, it just hasn't hit us yet
does matter matter?
this body, slowly decaying
this vessel, breaking,
pieces with out peace
falling into nothingness
becoming my own full moon eclipse.
Becoming one with the sky
erasing. erased
back to the tabula rassa,
a monument of the past
ready for flowers or aerosol.
some color on top of this barren tombstone sky
this 360 eye.
This life,
This game,
these rules we inherit and wear without thought
mindset hand-me-downs,
filled with holes
and bugs..
and smelly,
but ours,
this sense of possession of the temporary
These biting flies
I cant seem to shake.
this wondering of what I did
to deserve this self created suffering
seems so pointless.
but my mind tries to make sense of this world.
to know where i stand
to know how i should act
on this ever shifting exploding chessboard.
To know the opponents moves.
But we all have our own rules.
playing a billion games,
overlapping eachother,
the dance of life
some toes are bound to get stepped on...
heels crush my fingers as I search the floor to find someone's dropped jewles.
Will they be kissed and healed when I complete the task?
Will I be able to use them to create beauty again, or will they be like cadaver karaoke?
Dead fingers weaving a death shroud
a dark gauze to eclipse myself behind.
Who says darkness is bad?
Its its own world,
its what gives light the opportunity to shine
the same coin
180 degrees.
My prison,
My palace.

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