Friday, December 12, 2008


What if Jackson Pollock, instead of using paint, used car horns, sewage, colored fabric, moustaches, and shrines..... no, no, that still wouldn't come close to explain what you catch in one second of observation here.

I write from Tiruvannamalai, in the south east of India. Site of Shiva's holy mountain where many gurus have attained enlightenment and set up ashram base camps. I arrived with 2 million other pilgrims a few days ago for an annual full moon 14 kilometer circumnavigation of the mountain. The street was replaced by a thick human river. Unlike one old man pulling a giant orange paper traffic cone on wheels (hooked by wire into a football size growth on his back), one had better be going with the current instead of against it. Despite the beatific banging of the little drummer boy with the contageous grin leading him into the devoted crowd, the waves did not yeild.

At six they lit a fire on top of the mountain and fire works erupted all over the city producing an obscuring grey cloud. Later they burned smaller fires visable from below, which spread out of control and looked to me like 3 stacked circles, symbolizing two intertwined snakes I had seen on ancient stone carvings softened by the hands and time. I joined the flow at about 3 a.m. for the circular journey. I had been on the mountain earlier, where I could feel an undenyable presence in my skull at one of the sacred caves. There have been several places here where I have felt this same energy vibrating from an ancient site. Is the stone the source, or is it a recepticle for the devotion of the believers which echoes off the love? Hard to say, and I'd rather not let my rational western mind try to discect it. I am aware of the presence, that is enough for now.

Despite wanting to leave the intenCITY of NY, I have wound up in a little country town which seems even more intense. I offer no resistance to what is, but I will seek some more quiet and nature time for my next destination... until then I walk among ripe orange sadhus, full family motorcycles, lazy cows, heart breaking beggars, and westerners in clean white robes...



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  2. O . These images are stunning and your accompanying words provide the most colorful of shapes. Thank you for bringing us along on your journey and allowing us to share the tiniest glimpse of what you are experiencing. How I wish I could tap into your vision for even a moment!

  3. Ol- it is YOU who are the magician. Seeing through your eyes is being transported to the most wonderful, colorful, fragrant, energetic planet - despite les ordures partout and the mass of human bodies. Or maybe because of them.
    I love this experience - thank you for sharing it.