Sunday, December 07, 2008

The unknown

The earth is spinning me towards a new day, the night comes, and when it passes I will get on a plane for India. While I have beckoned this day for so long, I must admit I am nervous about this leap into the unknown. Perhaps it is just the horror of the attacks that happened recently, which woke me up from my post Obama victory dream state, where I believed we could all be safe to be seen as Americans again in the eyes of the world. On the flip side, I am definitely feeling the unbelievable love and support from my family and community of friends. It is humbling to know I am so cared for, and I feel so grateful to all of you who have sent me your positive thoughts and blessings. Thank You. I can't wait to share the old tales waiting to be lived again. Here's to safe travels for all of us!

1 comment:

  1. Let me know when you return!!

    I cant wait to go to Carnegie Hall together, and one day share your advantures.